urban book publishers reviews


1. Urban Books: With a focus on African American fiction and non-fiction, Urban Books has a strong reputation for publishing compelling and diverse stories that resonate with readers. They have a loyal following and consistently receive positive reviews for their titles.

2. Kensington Publishing Corporation: Kensington is a well-established publisher with a diverse catalog of urban fiction and non-fiction titles. They have a strong track record of working with emerging and established authors in the urban book genre, and their books are generally well-received by readers and critics alike.

3. Eso Won Books: Eso Won Books is an independent bookstore and publisher that specializes in African American literature, including urban fiction. They have a curated selection of titles that showcase a range of voices and perspectives within the urban book genre, and their books receive positive reviews for their authenticity and depth.

4. Wahida Clark Presents Publishing: Founded by bestselling author Wahida Clark, this publishing house focuses on gritty urban fiction that explores themes of crime, love, and redemption. Their books are known for their raw and authentic storytelling, and they have a dedicated fan base that appreciates their bold and unflinching approach to the genre.

5. Akashic Books: While not exclusively focused on urban fiction, Akashic Books is a respected independent publisher that has released several acclaimed urban-themed titles. They are known for their diverse and innovative approach to publishing, and their urban fiction titles often receive critical acclaim for their unique perspectives and storytelling.

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urban book publishers reviews

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