the light we lost book review


"The Light We Lost" by Jill Santopolo is a beautifully written and emotionally gripping novel that explores the complexities of love, loss, and destiny. The story follows Lucy and Gabe, two college students who meet on 9/11 and are instantly drawn to each other. Despite their deep connection, their lives take them in different directions, leading to a series of missed opportunities and heartbreak.

Santopolo's writing is both lyrical and poignant, drawing readers into the lives of her characters and their tumultuous relationship. The novel is told from Lucy's perspective, allowing readers to intimately experience her journey as she navigates her feelings for Gabe and grapples with the choices she has made.

The themes of fate and timing are central to the novel, as Lucy reflects on the moments that shaped her relationship with Gabe and wonders if they were truly meant to be together. The emotional depth of the story is further enhanced by Santopolo's exploration of grief and the ways in which loss can shape our lives.

Overall, "The Light We Lost" is a powerful and moving novel that will resonate with readers who have experienced the complexities of love and loss. Santopolo's beautiful prose and heartfelt storytelling make this a must-read for fans of contemporary fiction.

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the light we lost book review

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