pocket farm book review


"Pocket Farm" is a charming and informative book that is perfect for anyone interested in starting their own small farm or homestead. The author, Karen Geiser, provides a wealth of practical advice and guidance on topics such as choosing the right land, raising animals, growing crops, and managing a small-scale farm.

One of the things that sets "Pocket Farm" apart from other farm books is its focus on sustainability and self-sufficiency. Geiser emphasizes the importance of working with nature, using organic methods, and minimizing waste. She also provides tips on integrating animals and plants to create a balanced and productive ecosystem.

The book is well-organized and easy to read, with clear and concise explanations of complex topics. Geiser's writing is engaging and accessible, making it a great resource for beginners as well as more experienced farmers.

Overall, "Pocket Farm" is a valuable and inspiring guide for anyone interested in living a more sustainable and self-reliant lifestyle. Whether you have a few acres or just a backyard, this book will help you get started on your farming journey. Highly recommended!

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pocket farm book review

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