normal people book review


"Normal People" by Sally Rooney is a powerful and beautifully written novel that delves into the complex relationship between two young people, Connell and Marianne. The story follows them from their high school years in a small town in Ireland to their time at university in Dublin, exploring the nuances of their connection and the impact they have on each other's lives.

Rooney's prose is sharp and insightful, capturing the raw emotions and vulnerabilities of her characters with precision. The novel delves deep into themes of love, class, power dynamics, and mental health, offering a nuanced and realistic portrayal of the complexities of human relationships.

Connell and Marianne are both flawed and multidimensional characters, making them feel incredibly real and relatable. Their struggles and insecurities are palpable, and the way they navigate their feelings for each other is both heartbreaking and captivating.

Overall, "Normal People" is a thought-provoking and emotionally resonant novel that will linger with readers long after they finish it. Rooney's writing is both lyrical and haunting, making this a must-read for fans of literary fiction.

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normal people book review

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