east of the mountains book review


"East of the Mountains" by David Guterson is a beautifully written novel that tells the story of an elderly man, Dr. Ben Givens, who is facing a terminal illness and decides to take one last journey to the eastern side of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. The novel explores themes of mortality, family, and the natural world as Dr. Givens reflects on his past and comes to terms with his impending death.

Guterson's prose is lyrical and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the Pacific Northwest landscape and the inner turmoil of his protagonist. The novel is filled with rich descriptions of the natural world, from the snow-covered mountains to the apple orchards and forests that Dr. Givens encounters on his journey.

The character of Dr. Givens is complex and well-developed, and the reader is drawn into his inner thoughts and emotions as he grapples with his illness and his memories of the past. The relationships he has with his family, particularly his estranged daughter, are also explored in depth, adding layers of depth to the story.

Overall, "East of the Mountains" is a moving and poignant novel that tackles difficult themes with sensitivity and grace. Guterson's writing is both beautiful and thought-provoking, making this a book that will stay with readers long after they have finished it.

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east of the mountains book review

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