christian book review sites


1. Goodreads – Goodreads is a popular book review site that features reviews from readers of all genres, including Christian books. Users can rate books, write reviews, and see what others are saying about a specific title.

2. – is an online retailer that also features a section for book reviews. Readers can leave feedback on Christian books they have read, providing valuable insight for others looking for recommendations.

3. BookPage – BookPage is a website that offers reviews, author interviews, and book recommendations across various genres, including Christian literature. Readers can browse through the site to discover new Christian books and read reviews before making a purchase.

4. Crossway – Crossway is a publisher of Christian books that also features a blog with book reviews and recommendations. Readers can find reviews of their latest releases and other Christian titles to help them decide on their next read.

5. The Gospel Coalition – The Gospel Coalition is a website that offers resources for Christians, including book reviews. Readers can find reviews of Christian books on various topics, written by trusted authors and theologians in the Christian community.

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christian book review sites

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