caraval book series review


Caraval is a fantasy book series written by Stephanie Garber that follows the story of two sisters, Scarlett and Donatella Dragna, as they enter the mysterious and magical world of Caraval. In this world, participants are invited to take part in a game where nothing is as it seems, and the stakes are high.

The first book in the series, also titled Caraval, introduces readers to the enchanting world of Caraval and its enigmatic master, Legend. Scarlett and Donatella are swept up in the game, with Scarlett determined to find her missing sister and win the ultimate prize. The book is full of twists and turns, and the magical setting of Caraval adds a sense of wonder and mystery to the story.

The second book, Legendary, continues the story as Donatella takes center stage and becomes a player in the game herself. The stakes are even higher in this installment, and the secrets and betrayals uncovered keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Overall, the Caraval series is a captivating and enchanting read that will appeal to fans of fantasy and magic. The vivid descriptions and intricate plot twists keep readers engaged from start to finish, and the dynamic relationships between the characters add depth to the story. If you enjoy immersive fantasy worlds and thrilling adventures, the Caraval series is definitely worth a read.

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caraval book series review

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