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(0) is primarily known for its hotel booking services, but they also offer flight booking options through their website. Here are a few reviews from customers who have booked flights through

1. "I recently booked a flight through and had a great experience. The website was easy to navigate and the prices were competitive. The booking process was smooth and I received my confirmation email quickly. I would definitely use for flights again in the future." – Sarah, 5 stars

2. "I had a bit of trouble with my flight booking through The website was a bit confusing and I ended up booking the wrong dates. However, their customer service was very helpful in resolving the issue and I was able to rebook my flight without any additional fees. Overall, I was satisfied with the outcome." – John, 3 stars

3. "I have used for both hotel and flight bookings and have always been happy with their service. The prices are competitive and the booking process is straightforward. I also appreciate the ability to easily manage my bookings through their website. I would highly recommend for flights." – Emily, 5 stars

4. "I had a negative experience booking a flight through The prices were not as competitive as other websites and I encountered technical issues during the booking process. I ended up switching to a different booking platform for my flight. I was disappointed with my experience." – David, 2 stars

Overall, it seems that customers have had mixed experiences with booking flights through Some have found the process to be smooth and easy, while others have encountered issues with pricing and technical difficulties. If you are considering booking a flight through, it may be helpful to compare prices with other booking platforms to ensure you are getting the best deal.

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