zombie spaceship wasteland by patton oswalt scribner 2011


“Zombie Spaceship Wasteland” is a book by comedian Patton Oswalt, published by Scribner in 2011. It’s a collection of essays that delves into Oswalt’s life experiences, observations, and humorous musings. The title itself hints at the eclectic content within the book, with “zombie” representing horror and genre fiction, “spaceship” symbolizing science fiction and fantasy, and “wasteland” reflecting Oswalt’s reflections on life’s absurdities and struggles.

Throughout the book, Oswalt shares anecdotes from his childhood, his experiences as a comedian and actor, and his thoughts on various aspects of popular culture. From reminiscing about growing up as a geeky kid to navigating the challenges of adulthood in Hollywood, Oswalt’s writing is characterized by its wit, insight, and irreverent humor.

“Zombie Spaceship Wasteland” offers readers a glimpse into Oswalt’s unique perspective on life, blending humor with moments of introspection and cultural commentary. It’s a book that appeals to fans of Oswalt’s comedy as well as anyone who enjoys sharp, entertaining writing.

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zombie spaceship wasteland by patton oswalt scribner 2011

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