walking on eggshells book review


"Walking on Eggshells" by Jane Isay is a compelling and insightful book that delves into the complex dynamics of relationships between adult children and their aging parents. Isay draws on personal experiences, as well as interviews with other families, to explore the challenges and emotional toll that caring for elderly parents can bring.

The book offers practical advice and strategies for navigating difficult conversations, setting boundaries, and managing conflicting emotions. Isay also addresses the guilt, resentment, and grief that often accompany the caregiving process, providing comfort and reassurance to readers who may be struggling with similar feelings.

Overall, "Walking on Eggshells" is a thought-provoking and empathetic exploration of the often fraught and delicate relationships between parents and their adult children. It is a valuable resource for anyone facing the challenges of caring for aging parents, offering both practical guidance and emotional support.

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walking on eggshells book review

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