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The New York Review of Books published several essays by Tony Judt, a British historian and intellectual, before his death in 2010. Judt was known for his insightful and provocative writings on topics ranging from European history and politics to the state of contemporary society.

One of Judt's most famous essays published in the New York Review of Books was his 2006 piece "Bush's Useful Idiots," in which he criticized American intellectuals for supporting the Iraq War and the Bush administration's policies. Judt argued that these intellectuals were either naive or complicit in promoting a disastrous military intervention.

Judt's essays in the New York Review of Books were praised for their rigorous analysis, sharp wit, and deep moral clarity. He was not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom or question the prevailing political consensus, making his work both thought-provoking and influential.

Overall, Tony Judt's contributions to the New York Review of Books helped cement his reputation as one of the most important public intellectuals of his time, and his writings continue to be widely read and studied today.

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tony judt new york review of books

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