the lost ways book review


"The Lost Ways" is a survival guide written by Claude Davis that aims to teach readers how to survive in various emergency situations, such as natural disasters, economic collapses, and social unrest. The book covers a wide range of survival skills, including how to build shelter, find food and water, and protect yourself and your family.

One of the key aspects of "The Lost Ways" is its focus on traditional survival skills that were used by our ancestors. Davis argues that modern society has made us too reliant on technology and conveniences, and that we need to relearn the skills that were once essential for survival.

Overall, reviews of "The Lost Ways" are mixed. Some readers appreciate the practical survival tips and the emphasis on self-sufficiency, while others criticize the book for being overly simplistic and lacking in-depth information. Additionally, some readers have raised concerns about the historical accuracy of the information presented in the book.

In conclusion, "The Lost Ways" may be a useful resource for those interested in learning basic survival skills and preparing for emergencies. However, readers should approach the book with a critical eye and supplement the information with additional resources and training.

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the lost ways book review

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