the game book review


"The Game" by Neil Strauss is a captivating and controversial book that delves into the world of pickup artists and their strategies for seducing women. Strauss, a self-professed AFC (Average Frustrated Chump), goes undercover to learn the secrets of the pickup community and becomes a master seducer himself.

The book is a mix of memoir, self-help, and expose, as Strauss chronicles his transformation from a shy, insecure man to a confident ladies' man. He explores the psychology behind attraction and reveals the tactics used by pickup artists to manipulate women into bed.

While some readers may find the book entertaining and enlightening, others may find it distasteful and misogynistic. The book has been criticized for promoting manipulation and objectification of women, as well as reinforcing toxic masculinity.

Overall, "The Game" is a thought-provoking read that offers a glimpse into a subculture that many are unfamiliar with. It raises important questions about gender dynamics, power, and ethics in dating and relationships. Whether you find it enlightening or repulsive, "The Game" is definitely a book that will spark conversations and debate.

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the game book review

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