the factory book review


"The Factory" by Hiroko Oyamada is a thought-provoking and surreal novel that delves into the mundanity and absurdity of modern corporate life. The story follows three employees who work at a vast factory complex, each struggling to find meaning and purpose in their repetitive and monotonous jobs.

Oyamada's prose is spare and precise, mirroring the sterile and impersonal environment of the factory. The characters are all well-developed and relatable, each grappling with their own existential crises as they navigate the labyrinthine corridors of the factory. The novel skillfully blends elements of magical realism with sharp social commentary, highlighting the dehumanizing effects of corporate culture and the relentless pursuit of productivity at all costs.

"The Factory" is a quietly powerful and haunting exploration of the modern workplace, shedding light on the alienation and disillusionment that can come from being a cog in a vast, faceless machine. Oyamada's novel is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt trapped in a soul-crushing job or wondered about the true cost of efficiency and productivity in today's society.

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the factory book review

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