the changeling book review


"The Changeling" by Victor LaValle is a captivating and eerie novel that blends elements of horror, fantasy, and thriller. The story follows the protagonist, Apollo Kagwa, as he navigates the complexities of fatherhood and uncovers dark secrets about his own family history.

LaValle's writing is both haunting and atmospheric, drawing the reader into a world that is both familiar and unsettling. The characters are well-developed and complex, particularly Apollo, whose journey from a loving husband and father to a man consumed by obsession is both compelling and tragic.

The novel's plot twists and turns keep the reader on edge, as Apollo delves deeper into the mystery surrounding his son's disappearance and the strange occurrences that seem to follow him. LaValle expertly weaves together themes of parenthood, identity, and the supernatural, creating a story that is both thought-provoking and chilling.

Overall, "The Changeling" is a gripping and thought-provoking read that will appeal to fans of horror, fantasy, and psychological thrillers. LaValle's masterful storytelling and unique blend of genres make this novel a standout in the world of contemporary fiction.

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the changeling book review

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