professional book review websites


1. Kirkus Reviews – A respected book review publication known for its in-depth analysis and unbiased reviews.
2. Publishers Weekly – A comprehensive resource for book reviews, author interviews, and industry news.
3. BookPage – A website featuring reviews, author interviews, and book recommendations for a wide range of genres.
4. Book Riot – A popular website offering book reviews, author interviews, and literary news.
5. The New York Times Book Review – A trusted source for reviews of new releases, bestsellers, and literary fiction.
6. Library Journal – A publication focused on reviews of books for libraries and librarians, offering a unique perspective on new releases.
7. Goodreads – A social networking site for book lovers, featuring user-generated reviews and ratings of books across all genres.
8. Booklist Online – A publication offering reviews of new releases, author interviews, and recommended reading lists.
9. The Guardian Book Reviews – A section of The Guardian website dedicated to book reviews, author interviews, and literary analysis.
10. The Los Angeles Review of Books – A platform for long-form book reviews, literary criticism, and essays on literature and culture.

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professional book review websites

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