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"Nimona" is a graphic novel written and illustrated by Noelle Stevenson. It follows the story of a young shapeshifter named Nimona who becomes the sidekick of a villain named Ballister Blackheart. Together, they work to expose the corrupt actions of the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics.

Common Sense Media gives "Nimona" a rating of 13+, noting that it contains some violence and dark themes. The review praises the book for its engaging story, complex characters, and themes of friendship and loyalty. It also mentions that the book explores issues of morality and the complexity of good and evil.

Overall, "Nimona" is recommended for older teens and adults who enjoy a mix of fantasy, humor, and social commentary. Parents may want to preview the book before sharing it with younger readers due to its darker themes and occasional violence.

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nimona common sense media

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