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Maria Leik's review book, "Pediatric Success: A Q&A Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking," is a comprehensive resource for nursing students preparing for pediatric nursing exams. The book is organized into chapters that cover key topics in pediatric nursing, such as growth and development, common pediatric illnesses, and nursing interventions. Each chapter includes practice questions that test critical thinking skills and help students prepare for the NCLEX exam.

Leik's writing style is clear and engaging, making complex topics easy to understand. The practice questions are challenging yet realistic, giving students a good idea of what to expect on the actual exam. Additionally, the book includes detailed rationales for each answer, helping students understand why certain choices are correct or incorrect.

Overall, Maria Leik's review book is a valuable resource for nursing students seeking to strengthen their pediatric nursing knowledge and improve their test-taking skills. I highly recommend it to anyone preparing for pediatric nursing exams.

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maria leik review book

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