less than zero book review


"Less Than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis is a dark and disturbing novel that explores the empty, hedonistic lives of wealthy Los Angeles teenagers. The protagonist, Clay, returns home from college for Christmas break and is quickly drawn back into the drug-fueled party scene that dominates his social circle.

Ellis paints a bleak picture of a generation consumed by materialism, apathy, and self-destruction. The characters in the novel are shallow and disconnected, living in a world devoid of meaning or purpose. The relentless cycle of partying, drug use, and casual sex serves as a numbing escape from the emptiness of their lives.

The writing in "Less Than Zero" is spare and detached, mirroring the emotional distance of the characters. Ellis's prose is sharp and incisive, capturing the disaffected tone of a generation adrift in a sea of excess.

While the novel is a powerful and thought-provoking read, it can be difficult to stomach at times due to its depiction of graphic drug use and sexual violence. However, for readers willing to confront the darker aspects of human nature, "Less Than Zero" offers a compelling exploration of the emptiness and despair that can accompany a life of privilege and excess.

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less than zero book review

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