la times book reviewers


The Los Angeles Times has a team of book reviewers that cover a wide range of genres and styles. Some of the prominent book reviewers for the LA Times include:

1. Carolyn Kellogg – Kellogg is the books editor for the LA Times and frequently writes book reviews and features on a variety of literary topics.

2. David L. Ulin – Ulin is a former book critic and book editor for the LA Times, known for his thoughtful and incisive reviews of fiction and nonfiction.

3. Agatha French – French is a book critic for the LA Times, with a focus on young adult and children's literature.

4. Steph Cha – Cha is a novelist and book critic for the LA Times, known for her reviews of mystery and crime fiction.

These are just a few of the talented book reviewers who contribute to the LA Times' coverage of the literary world.

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la times book reviewers

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