kelly ripa book reviews


1. "Live, Laugh, Love: My Life on TV" by Kelly Ripa – This book is a delightful and entertaining read, filled with personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes stories from Ripa's time as a TV host. Fans of Ripa will enjoy getting a glimpse into her life off-camera and her thoughts on balancing work and family.

2. "The Kelly Ripa Workout: Transform Your Body in Just 30 Days" by Kelly Ripa – In this fitness book, Ripa shares her workout routine and diet tips that have helped her stay in shape over the years. Readers praise the easy-to-follow exercises and meal plans, as well as Ripa's down-to-earth approach to health and wellness.

3. "Kelly Ripa: America's Sweetheart" by Michael Troy – This unauthorized biography offers a comprehensive look at Ripa's life and career, from her early days as a soap opera star to her rise to fame as a beloved TV host. While some readers appreciate the detailed research and insights into Ripa's personal life, others feel that the book lacks depth and fails to capture the true essence of its subject.

Overall, Kelly Ripa's books receive positive reviews from fans who appreciate her candidness, humor, and relatable personality. Whether you're looking for a fun read, fitness advice, or a deeper insight into Ripa's life, there's likely a book by or about her that will pique your interest.

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kelly ripa book reviews

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