in order to live book review


"In Order to Live" by Yeonmi Park is a powerful and harrowing memoir that tells the story of the author's escape from North Korea and her journey to freedom. Park's account of her childhood in North Korea, where she experienced poverty, hunger, and repression, is both heartbreaking and eye-opening.

The book provides a rare and valuable insight into life in North Korea, a country that is often shrouded in secrecy and misinformation. Park's descriptions of the brutal conditions under the oppressive regime of Kim Jong-il are chilling, and her courage and resilience in the face of unimaginable hardships are truly inspiring.

What sets "In Order to Live" apart from other memoirs of escape from North Korea is Park's candid and unflinching honesty. She does not shy away from the darker aspects of her story, including her experiences of sexual assault and exploitation. This raw and unfiltered account of her journey to freedom makes the book all the more powerful and compelling.

Throughout the book, Park also reflects on the universal themes of family, love, and the search for identity. Her relationships with her family members, especially her mother, are central to the narrative, and her unwavering determination to reunite with her loved ones drives her forward in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Overall, "In Order to Live" is a gripping and thought-provoking read that sheds light on the plight of the North Korean people and the resilience of the human spirit. Park's story is a testament to the power of hope, courage, and perseverance in the face of adversity. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about the human rights abuses in North Korea and the indomitable spirit of those who dare to defy tyranny.

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in order to live book review

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