ilium book review


"Ilium" is a science fiction novel written by Dan Simmons and published in 2003. The book is a modern retelling of Homer's "Iliad" set in a futuristic world where humans coexist with advanced artificial intelligences and post-humans.

The story follows several main characters, including scholar Thomas Hockenberry, who is resurrected by the Greek gods to observe the events of the Trojan War; the moravecs, a race of sentient robots who study and try to understand human behavior; and the humans living on a post-apocalyptic Earth who are unaware of the gods' influence on their world.

Simmons weaves together elements of classical mythology, science fiction, and philosophy to create a complex and engaging narrative. The novel is filled with rich world-building, intricate plot twists, and thought-provoking themes about mortality, destiny, and the nature of consciousness.

"Ilium" has received widespread critical acclaim for its ambitious storytelling, compelling characters, and deep exploration of existential questions. Fans of epic science fiction and classical literature will find much to enjoy in this provocative and imaginative novel.

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ilium book review

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