ice breaker book review


Title: Ice Breaker: How to Get Any Prospect to Beg You for a Presentation
Author: Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

"Ice Breaker" by Tom "Big Al" Schreiter is a straightforward and practical guide on how to effectively approach prospects and get them interested in hearing your presentation. The author, a seasoned network marketer, shares his insights and techniques on how to break the ice and build rapport with potential clients or customers.

One of the key takeaways from the book is the importance of starting conversations in a non-threatening and non-salesy manner. Schreiter emphasizes the need to establish trust and credibility with prospects before pitching your product or service. He provides various ice breaker scripts and strategies that can help you initiate conversations and keep them engaging and enjoyable.

Another valuable lesson from the book is the concept of "edutainment" – educating and entertaining prospects at the same time. Schreiter suggests using stories, humor, and interesting facts to capture the attention of your audience and make your presentation memorable.

Overall, "Ice Breaker" is a practical and easy-to-read guide for anyone looking to improve their networking and sales skills. The author's conversational writing style and real-life examples make the book an enjoyable and informative read. Whether you're a seasoned network marketer or a beginner in the field, this book offers valuable insights and techniques that can help you succeed in building relationships and closing deals.

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ice breaker book review

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