how to get book reviews on amazon


1. Encourage readers to leave a review: Include a request for reviews at the end of your book or in your author bio. You can also reach out to your email list or social media followers to ask for reviews.

2. Offer advanced reader copies: Provide free copies of your book to readers in exchange for an honest review. You can use services like NetGalley or Goodreads to distribute ARCs.

3. Join book review groups: Participate in online book review groups or forums where readers exchange reviews with each other. Be sure to follow the rules of the group and only ask for reviews from members who are genuinely interested in your genre.

4. Use Amazon Review Services: There are services that can help connect you with reviewers who are willing to read and review your book on Amazon. Be cautious and do your research before using these services to ensure they are reputable and comply with Amazon's guidelines.

5. Engage with readers: Respond to reader comments and feedback on your book's Amazon page. Engaging with readers can encourage them to leave a review and show that you value their opinion.

6. Leverage your network: Reach out to friends, family, and colleagues who have read your book and ask them to leave a review. Positive reviews from people in your network can help kickstart the review process on Amazon.

Remember to always follow Amazon's guidelines for reviews and avoid any unethical practices like paying for fake reviews. Genuine and honest reviews from real readers will help build credibility for your book on Amazon.

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how to get book reviews on amazon

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