fall of giants book review


Fall of Giants is the first novel in Ken Follett's Century Trilogy, and it is a sweeping epic that follows the lives of five families as they navigate the turbulent events of the 20th century. The book begins in 1911, just before the outbreak of World War I, and spans through to the end of the war and beyond.

Follett's meticulous research and attention to historical detail bring the time period to life, and the reader is immersed in the political intrigue, social upheaval, and personal dramas of the era. The characters are well-developed and complex, each grappling with their own struggles and desires as they are swept up in the larger events of the world.

One of the strengths of Fall of Giants is its ability to capture the human cost of war and revolution. The novel does not shy away from depicting the horrors of battle, the harsh realities of life in the trenches, or the impact of political decisions on ordinary people. The characters' experiences are both heart-wrenching and inspiring, and the reader is left with a profound sense of the sacrifices made by previous generations.

Overall, Fall of Giants is a compelling and immersive read that will appeal to fans of historical fiction and epic sagas. It sets the stage for the rest of the Century Trilogy, and readers will be eager to continue following the fates of these families through the tumultuous events of the 20th century.

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fall of giants book review

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