dropping acid book review


"Dropping Acid" by Chris Gibson is a comprehensive guide to managing acid reflux and GERD through diet and lifestyle changes. The book provides a detailed explanation of how acid reflux occurs, common triggers, and the potential risks associated with untreated GERD.

Gibson outlines a specific 28-day program designed to alleviate symptoms and improve overall digestive health. The program focuses on eliminating trigger foods, incorporating alkaline foods, and making other lifestyle changes such as eating smaller meals and avoiding late-night snacking.

Readers have praised the book for its practical advice and easy-to-follow program. Many have reported significant improvements in their symptoms after following the recommendations outlined in the book.

Overall, "Dropping Acid" is a valuable resource for anyone struggling with acid reflux or GERD. It offers a holistic approach to managing symptoms and improving digestive health, making it a must-read for anyone looking to take control of their condition.

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dropping acid book review

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