credit secrets book pdf review


Credit Secrets is a book written by Scott and Alison Hilton that promises to help readers improve their credit score and financial health. The book claims to provide insider information and strategies for repairing credit, removing negative items from credit reports, and increasing credit scores.

Overall, the reviews for Credit Secrets are mixed. Some readers have reported success in using the strategies outlined in the book to improve their credit score and remove negative items from their credit report. They have found the information provided to be helpful and actionable.

However, some readers have criticized the book for containing information that is already widely available for free online. They have also pointed out that the strategies in the book may not work for everyone, as individual credit situations vary.

In conclusion, while Credit Secrets may be helpful for some readers looking to improve their credit score, it may not be worth the investment for others. It is important to do thorough research and consider all available options before purchasing the book.

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credit secrets book pdf review

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