christian book review for parents


Title: "Parenting with Purpose: A Christian Guide to Raising Children"

In "Parenting with Purpose," author Sarah Johnson offers a fresh perspective on parenting from a Christian worldview. As a mother of three and a dedicated follower of Christ, Johnson shares practical advice and biblical wisdom for parents looking to raise their children in a way that aligns with their faith.

One of the key strengths of this book is Johnson's emphasis on the importance of intentional parenting. She encourages parents to be proactive in shaping their children's character and values, rather than simply reacting to behavior issues as they arise. By setting clear boundaries, modeling positive behavior, and instilling a love for God and others, parents can lay a strong foundation for their children's spiritual growth.

Another highlight of "Parenting with Purpose" is Johnson's focus on grace and forgiveness. She reminds parents that no one is perfect, and that mistakes will inevitably be made along the parenting journey. However, she emphasizes the importance of extending grace to both ourselves and our children, and using these moments as opportunities for growth and learning.

Overall, "Parenting with Purpose" is a valuable resource for Christian parents seeking guidance and inspiration in raising their children. Johnson's practical advice, grounded in biblical principles, offers a roadmap for nurturing faith-filled, compassionate, and resilient children. This book is a must-read for any parent looking to parent with purpose and intentionality.

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christian book review for parents

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