book review template for adults pdf


Title: [Title of the Book]

Author: [Author's Name]

Genre: [Genre of the Book]

Summary: [Brief summary of the book's plot and main themes]


1. Writing Style: [Comment on the author's writing style, including their use of language, pacing, and overall readability]

2. Characters: [Discuss the characters in the book, including their development, depth, and believability]

3. Plot: [Evaluate the plot of the book, including its originality, twists, and pacing]

4. Themes: [Examine the themes explored in the book and how effectively they were conveyed]

5. Overall Impression: [Provide your overall thoughts on the book, including its strengths and weaknesses]

Recommendation: [Recommend the book to a specific audience or mention any potential trigger warnings]

Rating: [Give the book a rating out of 5 stars]

Final Thoughts: [Conclude your review with any final thoughts or reflections on the book]

Overall, [Title of the Book] is a [positive/negative/neutral] read that [mention any standout aspects of the book]. I would recommend it to [specific audience] who enjoy [mention specific themes or genres].

Rating: [X out of 5 stars]

[Your Name]

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book review template for adults pdf

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