book review sample format pdf


Title: [Book Title]

Author: [Author's Name]

Publisher: [Publisher's Name]

Publication Date: [Publication Date]

Genre: [Genre]


[Provide a brief summary of the book, including the main characters, setting, and plot.]


[Write your review of the book, including your thoughts on the writing style, plot development, character development, and overall enjoyment of the book. Be sure to provide specific examples and evidence to support your opinions.]

Overall, [Book Title] is a [positive/negative/neutral] read that [recommendation for readers]. The [positive/negative/neutral] aspects of the book [provide specific examples]. I would [recommend/not recommend] this book to readers who enjoy [similar books or genres].

Rating: [Provide a rating out of 5 stars]

[Optional: Include any additional thoughts or comments about the book.]

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book review sample format pdf

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