book review rubric


Title of Book:

1. Introduction
– Introduce the book and its author
– Provide a brief summary of the plot or main ideas

2. Writing Style
– Evaluate the author's writing style (e.g. engaging, descriptive, clear)
– Comment on the pacing and flow of the book
– Discuss any unique stylistic choices or techniques used by the author

3. Characters
– Describe the main characters and their development throughout the book
– Evaluate the believability and complexity of the characters
– Discuss any relationships or interactions between characters

4. Plot
– Evaluate the plot structure and pacing
– Discuss the overall effectiveness of the plot in capturing the reader's interest
– Comment on any twists or surprises in the plot

5. Themes
– Identify and discuss the main themes present in the book
– Evaluate how well the author explores and develops these themes
– Discuss any deeper messages or lessons conveyed by the book

6. Setting
– Describe the setting of the book (e.g. time period, location)
– Evaluate how the setting enhances or detracts from the story
– Discuss any vivid or memorable descriptions of the setting

7. Overall Evaluation
– Provide a final assessment of the book
– Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the book
– Recommend the book to a specific audience or mention any potential drawbacks

8. Conclusion
– Summarize your main points and overall impression of the book
– Offer a final recommendation or rating (e.g. out of 5 stars)
– Include any final thoughts or reflections on the book

Overall Rating: [ ] out of 5 stars

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book review rubric

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