book review journal template


Title: [Book Title]

Author: [Author]

Publisher: [Publisher]

Publication Date: [Publication Date]

Summary: [Brief summary of the book]

Main Characters: [List of main characters and brief descriptions]

Themes: [Identify the main themes of the book]

Likes: [List things you liked about the book]

Dislikes: [List things you didn't like about the book]

Overall Rating: [Give the book a rating out of 5 stars]

Recommendation: [Would you recommend this book to others? Why or why not?]

Favorite Quote: [Include a favorite quote from the book]

Personal Reflection: [Reflect on how the book impacted you and any personal connections you made]

Additional Notes: [Any additional thoughts or comments on the book]

Overall, [Book Title] was a [positive/negative/neutral] reading experience that [state your overall impression of the book]. I would [recommend/not recommend] this book to [specific audience, e.g. fans of the genre, readers looking for a light read, etc.].

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book review journal template

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