book review gentleman from moscow


"The Gentleman from Moscow" by Amor Towles is a captivating novel that follows the story of Count Alexander Rostov, a former aristocrat who is sentenced to house arrest in a luxurious hotel in Moscow during the tumultuous years of the Russian Revolution.

Despite his confinement, Count Rostov maintains his dignity, charm, and wit as he navigates through the changing political landscape of Russia. The novel beautifully captures the essence of Russian culture and history, as well as the resilience and spirit of its people in the face of adversity.

Towles' writing is elegant and evocative, drawing readers into the world of the hotel and its colorful inhabitants. The characters are well-developed and engaging, and the relationships that form between them are heartwarming and authentic.

Overall, "The Gentleman from Moscow" is a thought-provoking and poignant novel that explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the power of human connection. It is a must-read for anyone who enjoys historical fiction and compelling storytelling.

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book review gentleman from moscow

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