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When writing a book report in APA format, you should follow the guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Here is a basic outline to follow:

1. Title Page:
– Include the title of the book, the author's name, your name, and the date.
– Center the title at the top of the page.
– Double-space the entire page.

2. Introduction:
– Start with an introductory paragraph that includes the title of the book, the author's name, and a brief overview of the book.
– Mention the purpose of the book report and what you will be discussing in the report.

3. Summary:
– Summarize the main points and themes of the book.
– Include a brief overview of the plot, characters, and setting.
– Be concise and focus on the most important aspects of the book.

4. Analysis:
– Analyze the book in terms of its themes, characters, writing style, and overall impact.
– Discuss what you liked or disliked about the book.
– Provide examples from the book to support your analysis.

5. Conclusion:
– Summarize your overall thoughts on the book.
– Discuss whether you would recommend the book to others and why.
– End with a closing statement that wraps up your thoughts on the book.

6. References:
– Include a reference list of all the sources you cited in your book report.
– Follow APA format for citing books, including the author's name, publication year, title of the book, and publisher.

Overall, when writing a book report in APA format, make sure to follow the guidelines for formatting, referencing, and citing sources. Be sure to also include your own analysis and interpretation of the book to provide a well-rounded review.

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book report apa

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