book out of my mind review


"Out of My Mind" by Sharon M. Draper is a powerful and emotional story about a young girl named Melody who has cerebral palsy and is unable to speak or move on her own. Despite these challenges, Melody is incredibly intelligent and determined to prove herself to the world.

The book takes readers on a journey through Melody's struggles and triumphs as she navigates through school, friendships, and her dream of participating in a quiz competition. Draper does an excellent job of capturing Melody's voice and emotions, making her a relatable and inspiring protagonist.

One of the strengths of this book is its portrayal of disability and the importance of inclusion and understanding. It sheds light on the challenges that individuals with disabilities face and the discrimination they often encounter. Through Melody's story, readers are encouraged to see beyond disabilities and recognize the potential and worth of every individual.

Overall, "Out of My Mind" is a touching and thought-provoking read that will stay with readers long after they finish it. It is a reminder of the power of perseverance, resilience, and the impact of kindness and empathy. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages.

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book out of my mind review

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