book of mormon play review


The Book of Mormon is a satirical musical that follows the journey of two young Mormon missionaries as they travel to Uganda to spread the teachings of their faith. The play, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone (the minds behind South Park) and Robert Lopez (co-creator of Avenue Q), has received critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including nine Tony Awards.

The humor in The Book of Mormon is sharp, irreverent, and often controversial. It tackles themes such as religion, sexuality, and cultural differences with a mix of wit and absurdity. The songs are catchy and cleverly written, with standout numbers like "Hello," "I Believe," and "Turn It Off."

The performances in The Book of Mormon are top-notch, with talented actors bringing the characters to life with energy and charisma. The chemistry between the two lead actors, who play the mismatched missionaries Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, is particularly strong.

While some may find the humor in The Book of Mormon to be offensive or sacrilegious, the play ultimately has a heartwarming message about finding faith, friendship, and acceptance in unlikely places. It's a thought-provoking and entertaining show that will leave you laughing and humming the songs long after the curtain falls.

Overall, The Book of Mormon is a must-see for fans of musical theater and those who appreciate bold, boundary-pushing comedy. It's a hilarious and memorable experience that will have you talking about it for days to come.

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book of mormon play review

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