best book club podcasts


1. "The Book Club Review" – Hosted by Laura and Claire, this podcast discusses a different book each episode, sharing their thoughts and opinions as well as interviewing authors and other book lovers.

2. "Reading Women" – This podcast focuses on books written by or about women, featuring in-depth discussions and interviews with female authors.

3. "What Should I Read Next?" – Hosted by Anne Bogel, this podcast helps listeners find their next great read by recommending books based on their reading tastes and preferences.

4. "The Literary Salon" – Hosted by Damian Barr, this podcast features interviews with authors, book recommendations, and discussions on all things literary.

5. "The Book Riot Podcast" – This podcast covers a wide range of book-related topics, including book club picks, author interviews, and book news.

6. "The Guardian Books" – This podcast from The Guardian features interviews with authors, book reviews, and discussions on the latest literary trends.

7. "The Reading Women" – Hosted by Kendra Winchester and Autumn Privett, this podcast focuses on books written by women and non-binary authors, with a focus on diverse voices and perspectives.

8. "Overdue" – Hosted by Craig and Andrew, this podcast features humorous discussions on classic and contemporary books, providing entertaining insights and commentary.

9. "By the Book" – Hosted by Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer, this podcast follows the hosts as they live by the rules of different self-help books and discuss their experiences.

10. "The Book Club Girl Podcast" – Hosted by Book Club Girl, this podcast features author interviews, book recommendations, and discussions on all things book club-related.

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best book club podcasts

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