bear town book review


"Bear Town" by Fredrik Backman is a powerful and thought-provoking novel that explores the dark side of small-town hockey culture. The story follows the residents of Bear Town, a fictional town in Sweden, as they grapple with the aftermath of a violent incident involving a star player on the junior hockey team.

Backman expertly weaves together multiple perspectives, from the players and coaches to the parents and townspeople, to paint a complex portrait of a community in crisis. The characters are richly drawn and their struggles feel raw and real, making the emotional impact of the novel all the more profound.

The author does not shy away from difficult themes such as rape culture, toxic masculinity, and the dynamics of power and privilege. Through the lens of a small-town hockey team, Backman raises important questions about loyalty, justice, and the lengths people will go to protect their own interests.

Overall, "Bear Town" is a gripping and thought-provoking read that will stay with you long after you finish it. It is a poignant exploration of the complexities of human nature and the consequences of our actions. Highly recommended for fans of literary fiction and those interested in exploring the darker side of sports culture.

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bear town book review

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