10 happier book review


"10% Happier" by Dan Harris is a thought-provoking and engaging read that offers a unique perspective on mindfulness and happiness. Harris, a news anchor and reporter, shares his personal journey of discovering meditation and how it has helped him become more present, calm, and happy.

The book is filled with practical advice and insights on how to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life, including tips on meditation, dealing with stress, and finding balance. Harris writes in a witty and relatable manner, making the concepts easy to understand and apply.

What sets "10% Happier" apart from other self-help books is Harris' candid honesty about his own struggles with anxiety and skepticism towards meditation. This vulnerability makes the book feel genuine and relatable, as he shares his own doubts and successes on the path to finding greater happiness.

Overall, "10% Happier" is a refreshing and insightful read that will appeal to anyone looking to improve their mental well-being and find more peace in their lives. Harris' practical approach and relatable writing style make this book a valuable resource for those seeking to cultivate mindfulness and happiness.

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10 happier book review

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