Medallion Status, by John Hodgman (Viking/Penguin Random House, 2019)

Reflections on perceived dwindling fame and airline loyalty schemes. We don’t really have humourists in the UK; maybe we should. Anyway, this is a funny, melancholy and perceptive look at Hollywood and other places thanks to Hodgman’s temporary access to the outer parts of the inner sanctum.

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Middlefield, by Ian Waites (Uniform Books, 2017)

A personal geography of a Lincolnshire housing estate. Photographs and text blend to offer a discussion of the uses made and lived experiences of post-war estate dwelling. Experiential rather than nostalgic, the book celebrates modernist planning, the egalitarianism of what might be seen as bland conformity, and the ways in which use reinscribes space. Lots to think about.

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‘Broadsword Calling Danny Boy’: on Where Eagles Dare, by Geoff Dyer (Penguin, 2018)

The author comments on a favourite and formative film (and reading) experience. Like a transcribed audio commentary, or a fledgeling BFI Classics monograph that didn’t make it. An odd little book, but one that’s at least well-written and engages with the flick interestingly, even if it takes unprofitably to snark on occasion.

My own books here, if that’s your thing. Newest is noir thriller East of England.