Aurora, by David Koepp (HQ Books, 2022)

After solar flares take out the world’s electricity, trouble strikes a woman estranged from her billionaire brother. Ungainly mix of post-apocalypse SF and assholes-after-bag-of-money thriller. The former is very much dialled down to give focus, but the genre mashup doesn’t really work: the plot doesn’t need its context. That said, it’s pacy and kinda works, even though the book feels like a movie script in waiting rather than a novel.


My own books are here, if that’s your thing. Newest is noir thriller East of England.

2 thoughts on “Aurora, by David Koepp (HQ Books, 2022)

  1. It was prolly a coronal mass ejection not a solar flare that toasted the grid. Flares just knock out satellites.
    Question: favorite apocalypse novels, new or old?

  2. The disaster aspect is not really explored much in the book – it’s a setup to get characters isolated etc and to develop tension rather than being a central part of the story. As for apocalypse novels, some favourites (though there’s plenty of others I haven’t read!): The Stand, by Stephen King; The Passage, by Justin Cronin; I am Legend, by Richard Matheson; World War Z, by Max Brooks; Z For Zachariah, by Robert O’Brien; The Ringway Virus, by Russell Foreman; The Road, by Cormac McCarthy; The Day of the Triffids, by John Wyndham; A Song of Stone, by Iain Banks; Riddley Walker, by Russell Hoban…

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